About Us

Bloc Loc Rulers has been created by husband and wife team, Paul and Janna. Paul, an Australian, was an aircraft maintenance engineer  and Janna, an American, is the author of Courtship Quilts; Inspired by the Victorian Language of Flowers, published by Martingale & Co 2005 and a quilt designer.

Now based in Loveland Colorado, Bloc Loc Rulers manufacture, distribute and sell their own patent pending products which are new and innovative, made of the highest quality materials by the old fashioned standard of making products which are built tough enough to last from one generation to the next!

Because Bloc Loc Rulers are the manufacturers, distributors and retail sales, mark ups are low, and the savings are passed on to you, the customer.  When we get better deals on supply, those savings are passed on directly to you, the customer. For this reason, prices will fluctuate from time to time.

Bloc Loc's products are: 

Bloc_Loc TM  will take the Quilter to a whole new level of accuracy when squaring up quilting units with it's grooved technology. No more "ruler rock" using Bloc_Loc, guaranteed!

Navigator TM will give the novice and experienced longarm quilter alike,  greater control of their longarm when doing intricate free hand quilting.

Bloc Loc Rulers prides itself on bringing new and innovative products to the quilting market that serve the specialized needs of quilters everywhere, but, we only release a new product after it has been thoroughly tested and refined by Quilters.

Bloc Loc Rulers is proud to be publishing quilt books that take all the math and guesswork out of quilting so that quilters can spend their precious time creating.

All of the products made by Bloc Loc must adhere to our five production principles:

  • Made in USA, with good old-fashioned durability
  • Must be innovative, fulfilling quilters needs
  • Must be simple and easy to use
  • Must be tested extensively by Quilters to ensure quality
  • Must in some way bring bliss to quilters

We hope that you enjoy our website and in the near future we will be adding even more patent pending products. If you would like to visit with us, we can be contacted by:

Bloc Loc LLC                                                                  PO Box 2519 
Loveland, CO 80539

For telephone sales and all enquiries please call:

970 635 3005

Monday - Friday  8am-5pm (MST)
email:  sales@blocloc.com   

phone: 970-635-3005            Fax: 970-635-3008

For more information regarding our products or services: